Brazilian company, with more than 50 years knowledge of clay extraction for ceramic industries, started in 2007 a special company for clay minerals industrialization for cosmetic and pharmaceutical purpose. Since this time, Terramater is looking to keep the clay minerals the most natural possible, in accordance with the GMP, as a cosmetic raw material and researching by itself and in partnership with many universities around the world, from Tokyo to São Paulo, including San José (Costa Rica), Siena (Italy) and many Brazilian places. The idea is to prove scientifically the amazing benefits that the clay minerals provide for skin and hair care as well as for enhancing cosmetic products.



The aim of Terramater is the scientific knowledge concerning our clays . Terramater supports worldwide research on clays in universities and private labs. From San Jose – Costa Rica to Tokyo, including Italy (Siena), Canada (Vancouver) and, of course, Brazil, where more than 10 universities are researching about the benefits of our clays. The purpose on the one hand, these studies confirm popular claims regarding clay minerals, such as the detox activity. On the other hand, the studies also aim to discover new benefits, such as emulsion stabilization, hair reconstitution and anti- aging activity, not to mention Pharma applications such as Dry Shampoo with color coverage, sunscreen activity and dandruff reduction.

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From its conception, Terramater has adopted the green awareness. Since 2007, our facilities have been designed to have less of an environmental impact. To save natural resources, in our premises there is natural lighting, a natural ventilation system and 98% of all waist are recycled.

All manufacturing processes, from the extraction to the final packaging, are carried out having in mind to keep the clay minerals as much natural as possible, free of chemical changes and/or additions.